Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Decomposition vs. Composition

How pretty.  

These are pictures of marine pipes with years of enamel paint being eaten off by rust, the elements, and general use.

Amazingly, the colors are still vibrant after who knows how long.  Even the rust is such a contrast, it shows up beautifully.  What a difference this is from fine art or even graffiti, both constructs of art that are 'made.'  This pipe decomposed into this gorgeous look, after several coats of enamel was applied to prevent looking like this, cover signs of aging.

Ultimately these pipes stacked in a shipyard will most likely be thrown away, not useful with holes eaten out of them as can be seen.  So where is the art?
In the years of reapplied enamel?
In the time it took for layers of paint to be eaten away?
In the replacing of this original pipe with a new batch?
In the moment I took to snap photos of them before they become trash?
Or in the sharing of these images with you?
Or is there no art here, as can be inferred as soon as these pipes are trucked to the landfill.

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