Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gettin' outta Dodge

I took a road trip today to the MFA - Museum of Fine Art in Boston.  They recently opened a new addition which more than doubles the size of the museum, it is pretty fantastic.  One of the premier shows to open in their new space has been the much-anticipated Dale Chihuly exhibition.  After spending large amounts of time living in Seattle in close proximity to several glassblowers, I think I may have a less than stellar opinion of the man Chihuly, but that does not detract from the installations that I saw today.  It is a fantastic thing to see this glass in person, the scale is quite remarkable.  A highly recommended show!

This is a view looking directly above in a room where the installation was on the ceiling.  The glass was laid on top of panes, below the light source, imitating stained glass.  The room was rainbowey.  The collection of glass suspended included these discs, vases, figures of animals, not just weird amorphous shapes.

Pretty sweet stuff.  The rest of my day was spent driving, getting lost in Boston, and heading here;
One of my favorite places in any city: Chinatown.  On the way over I spotted some pretty sweet graffiti, and luckily got a picture of it before heading home. 

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