Saturday, May 7, 2011

Typical Saturday Pastime

...So I went yard sale-ing today with Mom in celebration of Mother's Day festivities.  Unfortunately we got on the road late and found almost nothing out and about in Canaan, NH of all places.  A town like this, you assume going into the deal that all you're going to find is a gigantic box of McDonalds toys for 25 cents each, maybe some old rusty tools, piles of stuff that people are either too embarrassed to admit that they bought for themselves or thankful to be getting rid of the crap someone else gave them.  So of course I found nothing...except a badass pile of cassette tapes to play in my car. 
New collection now includes Joan Jett, Belinda Carlisle, Carole King, A-ha!, and the soundtrack to the Big Chill.  And I realized, as I was happily driving away with my new stash, that these are not new, they are actually so old one could consider them antiques.  Can you buy a 'new' tape nowadays?  I really don't think so.  (Let's not go into the poor woman trying to sell her 8-tracks.)  And if you're lucky enough to find some that have not been melted by the sun or used so much they play a high pitched whine even between songs, you know you've lucked out.  So hopefully I've lucked out.  Tomorrow we'll see how rocking they are on my sweet stereo system.  Pictures and details to ensue.

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