Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Artwork in Public!

As of today my artwork is hanging in public, I am very excited.  I had to write my first artist's statement in approximately ten years.  It is as follows...


"This artwork stems from the idea that people are social creatures and have a constant impact on each other.  Our influence on each other I believe is dependent on how a person is received, understood and judged.  These thoughts become even more complex when considering the context and social pressures from others.  Sometimes the effects an individual has may or may not be direct, intended, or even known.  The artwork is meant to express the period of time a person takes to consider the impact another has on his/herself, as well as our intrinsic connectedness as people."


I went on to describe the process, all inspired by the encaustic workshop I took this past summer.  "In this grouping you will see one painting made of encaustic (wax on wood), and four paintings that were somewhat reactionary to that.  I would like to do more work in encaustic but the process requires ample ventilation, something I don’t have access to in the winter months.  As a result the other four paintings were made in an effort to achieve the same layered effect.  The materials used were acrylic, ink, charcoal and acetate on illustration board or wood.  The benefit to these materials has been a brighter palette, something hard to accomplish in wax."


In Thoughts

Ebb and Flow of Envy
Thanks for looking.  I'm very happy with this attempt at making four new paintings in two weeks.  What a great way to start the new year.

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