Friday, February 17, 2012

Works in Progress


Detail of a painting I've been working and sitting with for a bit.  Looking forward to working with hands.


Painting #2 I have been working on.  Definitely in progress, but I'm psyched about the direction.  Probably only halfway there on this one. Thanks for looking!

detail of above.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pregaming for AWP

As some of you may know, I am the art editor for Organs of Vision and Speech, a poetry and art journal created by my sister Ivy Page.  OVS is published biannually, so twice a year I sit cursing at InDesign for 10 hours while I compile and edit the latest issue.  I always throw at least one good typo in there for good measure and mild headache.  The plus side is that I get to pick which art makes it into the journal.  Pretty sweet.

Later this month we will be attending the 2012 Association of Writers & Writing Programs conference.  Last year was the first time we attended the AWP, we kind of threw a booth together quickly and enticed people with stickers and dum-dums.  It was held in DC and we were fortunate enough to share a booth with Martin Rock of Epiphany.

Ivy and Martin, 2011

So now we are preparing for 2012 in Chicago, which is coming pretty quick.  Apparently 9,500 people are going to be there this year, which ups the stakes on that piddly bowl of dum-dums seen above.  So we have been coming up with what to hand out as freebies to make our booth more enticing to passers-by.  What Ivy and I came up with are small notebooks.  What writer/artist doesn't want a free notebook?  Total DIY, these little guys are somewhat recycled, handmade, and will hold all your conference inspirations/bathroom stall haikus/hot poet phone numbers.  They are only 7-10 pages (several sewing machine needles were sacrificed in the making of these notebooks).  I think they're pretty savvy.  One fits in a pocket and hopefully will entice someone out there to buy an issue or two of ours.