Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Boston MFA This Past Monday

It seems that every time I go to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts there's an area where an exhibit is in transition.  Here you can see that the Gund Gallery in the basement is transitioning from whatever was hanging before (the last exhibit I saw down there was Chihuly) to the next big thing.  Still, I love these moments of somewhat glaring awkwardness and change.  It's like catching someone with their pants down.  Part of my favorite part of going to an art museum is to seek these out.

How pretty.

Huge room installation!

Here is another part of the museum that has artwork almost on the move.  Don't you want to know what's going on in there?

In all seriousness, the museum is great and has doubled in size over the past year or two.  I was quite taken with Rodin's sculpture of a crouching woman this visit, particularly how the hands are rendered. 

Auguste Rodin, Crouching Woman

I've always been of the opinion that the execution of faces and hands is a telling way to judge an artist's ability.  These ones were pretty good too, particularly the top one.

The museum visit was a success.  Since then I wasn't able to sit down and dink around with my art supplies myself until today.
Ending here with a quick piece for hump day.

Friday, March 9, 2012

New Project Idea

Finally finding some time to make some artwork.  I am only in the idea stage, but I would like to create kind of a Plexiglas-sculpture-painting.  Something big.  I am liking the layered look, but I think etching into the Plexiglas would be preferable.  Not quite sure how to do that, I will be looking into home safe acid etching over the next few days.  I built up a small facsimile this morning.  Pretty amped on it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

AWP 2012!

I have been slacking on posting here due to preparing for the AWP (Association of Writers and Publishers) in Chicago.  Now that it's over I may have more time to breathe.  It took place this past weekend and was a good time.  At our table Ivy (my sister and the Editor) and I had our journal, some homemade fudge, stickers and the mini notebooks.  We were barraged by hipsters, awkward closet poets, professors, players, you name it.  With 10,000 people there, it was kind of hectic and stressful with higher stakes than last year.  I even made a frikkin clipboard for this.  Talk about anal.

I was lucky enough to be traveling with Ivy, who is at this point the best person I have found to travel with yet.  And we stayed with old friends in Chicago who were great to see.  The conference was fun, but I am still happy to get back to my normal life. 

On another note, I did manage to squeeze in a visit to both the Art Institute of Chicago Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.  Stellar.