Friday, August 17, 2012

New Illustration

I think I will call it an illustration, though I have not been illustrating for years. Sat down for a painting session last night, and other than attacking a project I've been spending a month on, this is what resulted. I think it pretty much describes my emotional state as of late.

I am calling it "Of Two Minds." I find it to be an eloquent visual of how I've been handling the changes in my life lately. I thought I was good at moving, moving on, and change, but as I get older I realize I am way more of a nervous nelly than previously thought. As opposed to last month, I am now armed with a new, 'big girl' job that doesn't pay the bills, an hour commute and no free time on my hands. I'm getting good at the juggle though, and am interested to see where I will be a month and a year from now. Cheers, people! This life is a good one.

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