Friday, December 7, 2012

Something about Personal Solar Systems

Untitled, but something about Personal Solar Systems.

So I've finished my latest painting, and first painting since moving my life 45 minutes south three months ago. Pretty happy about this. Other good things have been happening too - I will be hanging my artwork in a public space this coming April at Planet Marshmallow, a pretty sweet coffee shop in Manchester NH. I would like to note that this is the first time I will be hanging a solo collection of my work in a public space since...2004. Seriously folks, this is a big deal for me. Good things, good things.

Also on that note - I applied to some artist residencies recently (by some I mean only one) and was accepted. Chalk Hill Residency in Healdsburg, California offers artist residencies for two weeks or longer. The time slot I was accepted for starts next November, so I have some time before I decide to accept it (time and money are factors in this). Despite this, I am suuuuper stoked I was accepted - it is some form of external validation that everyone needs every once in a while.

So folks, happy friday. And keep on keeping on, because chances are you're doing a good job.