Monday, January 14, 2013

Sketckbook Project contribution mailed off!

My little sketchbook should be touring the states in a few months. So excited! It will be digitized by the Sketchbook Project people as well. I will post the link here when that happens, so you can check out other sketchbooks too. Wicked stoked. Happy Monday people.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sketchbook Project coming to completion.

The deadline for mailing in my contribution to the Sketchbook Project is fast approaching. And I do best with deadlines. So as you would guess, I've been killing it. The book itself looks great, I've covered up a few pages but the end result of all the spreads I am very happy with so far. Got one left to go, and the cover...I have no idea what to do with the cover. I will be shipping out my little sketchbook this coming Saturday. I think at least the heart one I've posted before, but now you can get an idea of its surroundings. Here is a preview.

On another note, both potentials from last month have gone by the wayside. Sadly, Planet Marshmallow closed at the end of the year. And I will not be taking the Chalk Hill residency - the two weeks they allotted me encompassed Thanksgiving-time, and I am not selfish enough to use up a holiday purely for me. But I accomplished what I sought out to do - I was accepted. Hazaah! Next: find opportunities a bit more local.